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Frequently asked questions


How do I find out if we deliver to the address where I want to order the goods?

In the upper right corner, click on “Delivery slots” and enter the address - you will find out whether we also deliver goods to your address. We provide our service throughout Bratislava and the outskirts. Among the exceptions are streets in the pedestrian zone with legislative entry restrictions.


Do I have to register on the site before my first purchase?

Registration is not mandatory, but by registering you get several benefits, in particular:


How can I find a specific product on the site?

You have several options for searching for goods:


What if I do not find the goods I am looking for on www.eDelia.sk?

We will gradually offer goods sold according to the preferences of our customers. If you do not find the goods you normally buy from us, we will be happy if you send us your request to the email address: zakaznici@edelia.sk.


How much will you deliver to me from the goods I ordered in kg?

For weight items, you have "approx. Quantity", which is the approximate weight of one package. Multiply the quantity to order the approximate required weight. The exact weight of the goods will be charged only after the preparation and delivery of the goods to our employees.



Where will you deliver the ordered purchase to me?

The purchase will be delivered directly to the door of your apartment or house, if possible.


What is the shortest time of delivery of the purchase?

The shortest possible delivery time of the purchase is within 2 hours of ordering, provided that this delivery time window is not already reserved by other customers. The available time windows will always be displayed when finishing your shopping cart.


What happens if the goods I ordered are no longer available?

If the goods you ordered are no longer available, we will try to find a suitable alternative, which, however, may not always be at the same price as the ordered goods. The delivery worker will notify you of the replacement goods and it is up to you to decide whether to accept or return the goods.



Can I pay with gastro tickets or cash?

Yes, we also accept gastro tickets and cash payment.



What should I do if some goods are missing from the delivered order?

If you find a missing item during the inspection of your purchase, please inform the delivery staff, who will ensure that the missing goods are not charged from your card. In the event that you find a missing item only after taking over the goods and the departure of the delivery employee, immediately inform us at zakaznici@edelia.sk. You will be contacted by an employee who will resolve the situation with you.


Can I return the goods from the received purchase?

If you are not satisfied with any product, you can return it directly to the delivery staff upon delivery of the goods. The purchase price of such goods will not be charged to you.

If you decide to return the goods only after the departure of our employee, you can contact us at zakaznici@edelia.sk. For this purpose, a complaint is used (if the goods have defects) under the conditions specified in the complaint procedure (part of our general terms and conditions), or the form "Withdrawal from the purchase contract", which must be written and attached to the email.


List of goods for which it is not possible to withdraw from the purchase contract